how does flakka affect your brain

Recently, the abuse of synthetic drugs has re-emerged as a significant worldwide issue. Many street dealers sell cocaine or crystal meth laced with flakka. But mixing flakka with other drugs can exacerbate its effects and lead to overdose or death. The stimulant can even produce psychological problems in those with no history of mental illness. A 2016 study published in the journal Case Reports in Psychiatry indicated that a teen girl with no past psychiatric diagnosis experienced psychotic episodes after taking flakka. The DEA classifies flakka as a Schedule I substance, making it illegal in the United States.

how does flakka affect your brain

Flakka is an illegal substance, and it is not used for any medical purpose. Flakka is notorious for its hallucinatory effects, and individuals who take this drug feel an unnatural surge of energy, alertness, and euphoria. Flakka shares many structural alcoholics anonymous a support group for alcoholism and chemical similarities with bath salts and both substances can exert nearly identical effects on users. The only structural difference is the presence of an atomic cluster called 3,4-methylenedioxy motif in bath salts that flakka lacks.

Flakka is also known to provoke a condition called agitated delirium, when there is an excessive influx of sympathetic activation. This condition causes alterations in the mental status and can include bizarre behaviors, anxiety, agitation, violent outbursts, confusion, myoclonus, and rare cases of seizures. Clinical symptoms of agitated delirium involve tachycardia, hypertension, hyperthermia, diaphoresis, and mydriasis [3].

How Does Flakka Affect Your Brain?

Synthetic cathinones are also labeled as ‘not for human consumption.’ These labels help hide the real reason for the product’s existence, so the drugs distribute easily. As flakka is a new drug, there is still a lot to learn about the treatment of the substance. Little information is known about flakka outside what is reported from users. Like other stimulants of this type, flakka can cause excited delirium, otherwise known as agitated delirium. This condition occurs when there’s an excessive influx of sympathetic activation. Benzodiazepines may be used to calm the individual, and antipsychotics such as olanzapine might help alleviate symptoms of drug-induced psychosis.

  1. From a mental perspective, they can expect severe paranoia, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, and more as a result of prolonged use.
  2. The purported beneficial side effects outweigh any potential negative…
  3. Even after the scientists made the drug difficult for the rats to obtain, they persisted in pushing a lever several times that administered the drug if they failed to get it from the scientists first.
  4. In the interest of humanity, it is best if each of us finds healthy coping mechanisms for recreation and combat life’s daily stress.
  5. Although the exact mechanism of action is unclear, why it has been causing this alteration in a person’s functions, it is known that Flakka is designed to cause the brain to become flooded with dopamine.

Additionally, this drug may also make an individual extremely alert, aggressive, agitated, paranoid, and hallucinated. Bath salts are another category of artificial stimulants for the central nervous system. This type of drug works by mimicking the effects of other potent drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine (also known as meth), and MDMA (also known as ecstasy). Bath salts got their name as they were smuggled and marketed as ‘bath salts’ and labeled as ‘not for human consumption’ to avoid getting caught.

How does Flakka affect your brain chemistry?

Nonetheless, experts believe both substances carry an equal potential for addiction. Both flakka and bath salts can cause panic attacks, hallucinations, increased sex drive and sociability, and paranoia. The products detox are also packaged and sold similarly with a label that says “not for human consumption.” Moreover, their major selling and purchasing occur under innocuous names such as jewelry cleaners or plant food.

how does flakka affect your brain

These individuals showcase unnatural strength, and it is pretty hard to control such individuals without the use of sedatives. Use of Flakka can impair your brain permanently and make an individual aggressive, paranoid, and delusional. As the brain’s significant neurotransmitters are blocked and manipulated, this can result in organ failure in the rest of the body since the brain controls the entire body’s function. Overdosing on Flakka can also result in seizures, coma, and even death.

What is Flakka (Alpha-PVP) & Is It Addictive?

As little is known about flakka, detoxing in the care of medical professionals is essential. After symptoms of flakka have subsided, the patient is discharged. When vaporized, alpha-PVP quickly enters the bloodstream, and its effects are felt more rapidly.

Users have reported that the drug use of flakka can trigger intense and uncontrollable urges to ingest the drug again. When experiencing excited delirium, some people react with violent behavior and self-injury. Flakka has been linked to several deaths by suicide, as well as heart attacks. The drug can also raise body temperature dangerously high, leading to kidney damage or failure. Rehab offers evidence-based therapies that can help clients learn the underlying causes of their substance abuse problems. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy can teach patients how to overcome triggers and cravings.

How does Flakka affect your brain function?

The producers of flakka used to label the product “not for human consumption” as a way to get it across customs without any issues. These factors caused a sudden surge in flakka use, and a rising number of people started reporting to local emergency rooms with the consequent side effects. Since the patient has never experienced any symptoms of this nature in the past, she was admitted on day one for observation and symptomatic treatment without any routine psychotropic medications being started. On the following day, the patient needed full assistance from the staff with her activities of daily living and continued to act bizarre and illogical. Since the patient received intramuscular Olanzapine and Lorazepam multiple times since being admitted, it was deemed appropriate to start the patient on scheduled Olanzapine to target her symptoms.

They last between two and five hours, which is similar to the duration of the effects of effects of bath salts. Withdrawal can be very painful and uncomfortable, and it is important be under medical supervision so that the symptoms are monitored and managed. Treatment for Flakka addiction includes a number of steps that are beneficial in streamlining the recovery process. Discover Fentanyl’s Potential Physical Mental Health Effects What Is Fentanyl? Fentanyl, which is in the opioid agonist category of drugs, is a human-made prescription used… Yawning is a routine daily action, whether you’re feeling exceptionally tired or seeing someone else do it and you become compelled to follow suit.

Schedule I drugs have no acceptable medical purposes and a high potential for abuse. Although alpha-PVP use in that area has largely subsided, the dangerous drug continues to harm people in other regions of the United States. People addicted to the stimulant should seek treatment immediately. This period often results in users returning to the drug to get rid of the negative barbiturate withdrawal symptoms comedown feeling, jump-starting a cycle of use that can lead to abuse. As tolerance to the drug develops, the user will require more and more Flakka to feel high, risking dangerous effects, overdose, and even death. This drug works by altering the chemical structure of the brain in such a way that it impacts an individual’s behavior, memory, and cognitive abilities.

Unfortunately, experts have not discovered any medications that may particularly help ease the flakka withdrawal symptoms directly. However, some people have reported benefitting from benzodiazepines to keep themselves stable. It is imperative to remember that the best way to manage flakka withdrawal and addiction is under the guidance of professionals in a rehabilitation center.

Many people view smoking marijuana as one of the lesser drugs you can become addicted to. The purported beneficial side effects outweigh any potential negative… With repeated and heavy use, the agitation and paranoia may encompass the entire experience, often continuing after the drug is no longer in the user’s system.